Book Launch | “Three generations, two countries of origin, one speech community: Australian-Macedonians and their language(s)” | By Dr Jim Hlavac - Monash University

Book Launch

"Three generations, two countries of origin, one speech community: Australian-Macedonians and their language(s)"

- by Dr Jim Hlavac - Monash University

DATE: Wednesday 25th October 2017

TIME: 7:00pm for 7:30pm start

VENUE: Macedonian Orthodox Community Meeting Room (at rear of church), 512 High Street, Epping VIC 3076

GUEST SPEAKER: Prof. Victor Friedman (University of Chicago)

Copies of the book will be on sale for $50 (Retail price: $65)

*** No RSVP needed ***

This book examines speakers of Macedonian as a transposed, immigrant language in Australia. Speakers' reported use of Macedonian, English, and other languages is presented through domain-based sociolinguistic analysis. This is augmented by data on the ethnolinguistic vitality of Macedonian-speakers and by language attitude responses that record speakers' affective feelings towards different language varieties.

This description is based on data gained from 103 speakers across three generations and from two countries of origin: northern Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. The statistical data are complemented by excerpts taken from longer interviews and by vignettes that give an insight into the lives of Macedonian-speakers in Australia.

This book focuses on a group that records one of the highest levels of language maintenance amongst Australia's ethnolinguistic minorities and is a contribution to the fields of sociology of language, maintenance of minority languages and language attitudes.

ISBN: 978-3-86688-539-4

Publisher: Kubon & Sagner/Biblio Media: Munich and Leipzig

MHR Review | Issue #27 | July 2017

Download the MHR Review - Issue #27 – July 2017 edition here (PDF – 4.1MB)

In this edition of the MHR Review:

  • Politics in Macedonia - George Vlahov
  • Letter to Dimitrov - AMHRC
  • Macedonia–Bulgaria relations - OMO PIRIN
  • On Macedonians in Albania - FUEN
  • Australian Census Results - David Vitkov
  • Macedonian Women - Stefani Taskova
  • Spirit of Macedonian Literature - Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • MRO in Greece 1902 - Dr. Dimitar Ljorovski Vamvamovski
  • The Story of IMRO - Victor Sinadinoski
  • Images from the AMHRC Dinner

Download the MHR Review - Issue #27 – July 2017 edition here (PDF – 4.1MB)

MHR Review | Issue #26 | March 2017

Download the MHR Review - Issue #26 – March 2017 edition here (PDF – 2.35MB)

In this edition of the MHR Review:

  • Elections in Macedonia - Dr. Chris Popov
  • Bi-partisanship in Macedonia - George Vlahov
  • A Call for Responsible Citizenship - George Vlahov
  • Freedom of Speech - Stefani Taskova
  • Discussion with Dr. Nathalie Tocci - Sasha Uzunov
  • On Petre Nakovski - Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • Macedonians & Greeks in Ottoman Macedonia - Dr. Dimitar Ljorovski-Vamvakovski
  • Interview with Kate Nitsou - Bill Nicholov
  • Muzikorama Australian Tour

Download the MHR Review - Issue #26 – March 2017 edition here (PDF – 2.35MB)

Амкчп го повторува барањето за одговорно граѓанство во Македонија

Melbourne/Мелбурн 27/2/2017

Парламентарните избори кои се одржаа во Република Македонија во текот на декември минатата година за жал не успеаја да ја разрешат политичката криза која ја зафати земјата во последните 18 месеци. Имено, главните партии, ВМРО-ДПМНЕ и СДСМ, по изборите не успеаја да обезбедат мнозинство во Собранието и да формираат владејачка коалиција. Згора на тоа, таквиот неуспех е директно поврзан со интензивирањето и виртуелното претворање на она околу што беше концентрирана кризата на почетокот, односно наводната корупција, во исклучиво етнички прашања.

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AMHRC Reiterates Call for Responsible Citizenship in Macedonia

Melbourne, 27/2/2017

The national elections held in the Republic of Macedonia last December, have so far failed to solve the political crisis which has gripped the country for the last 18 months. The major parties, VMRO-DPMNE & SDSM have failed to establish a governing coalition. Moreover, that failure is directly connected to an intensification and virtual conversion of what was a crisis centred around corruption to one about ethnic issues.

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