AMHRC Winter Review - 2011

In this issue of the AMHRC Review:

  • Snapshot Diary of our tour around Australia – George Vlahov
  • Editorial – George Vlahov
  • Good Things – Eftim Mitrevski
  • Interview with Artist Robert Mihajlovski – John Tsiglev
  • To Mr. Ferri – Dr. Chris Popov
  • To the United Nations – Ivan Hristovski
  • In Review: “The Sirdar” – Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • The AMHRC Expresses thanks to Western Australian MP John Hyde
  • MHRMI Complaint against Canadian MP on CBC News
  • OMO, AMHRC and MHRMI Condemn Bulgarian Census “Results”
  • MHRMI and the AMHRC Denounce Clinton
  • Welcome Visit to Bulgaria of UN Minority Rights Expert
  • In Review: the Poetry of Dushan Ristevski
  • Towards a Partial Reading of Dushan Ristevski’s Stolen Thoughts – Jim Thomev
  • Ilinden in Ofchareni, Aegean Macedonia – Dimitri Jovanov
  • The BBS Channel 5 Interview with Aristotle – Jim Thomev

Download the AMHRC Winter Review - 2011 here.