MHR Review - Issue #9 - January 2012

In this edition of the MHR Review:

  • MHR Review - Issue #9 - January 2012One Hundred Year’s Ago: The Partition of Macedonia – George Vlahov
  • MHRMI and AMHRC Reiterate Demand that Macedonia End Name ‘Negotiations’
  • Show Your Support for Macedonian Human Rights
  • To the Foreign Minister of Australia – David Vitkov
  • To SBS and WUG – Goran Babuasku
  • Hague Judgement Reinforces Need for Macedonia to End Name ‘Negotiations’
  • Random Summer Thoughts – George Papadakis
  • Успешна Приказна на Мигрант од Македонија – Игор Павловски
  • A Review of Meto Jovanovski’s Novel: Cousins – Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • AMHRC and MHRMI Denounce Albania’s Census
  • We need to Reinvigorate and Quickly – Eftim Mitrevski
  • Landmark Study of Macedonian Language nears Completion – Dr. Chris Popov
  • Interview with DJ Mangal – John Tsiglev
  • AMHRC Meets with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
  • Political Lobbying and Australia’s Macedonian Community – Sasha Nackovski
  • Our Soul is Always There – Dimitri Jovanov
  • Historic Moments in Lerin – Dimitri Jovanov
  • Speech by Professor Victor A. Friedman at the launch of the New Macedonian to Greek Dictionary in Lerin
  • The 2001 Civil Conflict in Macedonia and the Framework Agreement – Vasko Nastevski

Download the MHR Review - Issue #9 - January 2012 edition here.