21 JUNE 2012

In the six months prior to the 2011 Australian census held on Tuesday 9 August 2011, the Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) prepared instructional leaflets in both English and Macedonian, for the benefit of the Macedonian community. The material related to the questions on ancestry, language, country of birth and religion.

Today, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today made a first data release in relation to the 2011 Census and the following statistical data is of particular relevance to the Macedonian community:

• Ancestry

The data on the question of ancestry showed that there were 93,570 persons of Macedonian ancestry in Australia (compared to 83,978 at the 2006 census).

• Language spoken at home

The data on the question of language spoken at home showed that at the 2011 census there were a total of 68,849 persons in Australia who spoke the Macedonian language at home (compared to 67,833 the 2006 census).

• Country of Birth

The data on the question of country of birth showed that at the 2011 census there were a total of 40,222 persons born in the Republic of Macedonia (compared to 40,656 at the 2006 census).

The AMHRC has requested more detailed data from the ABS on the number of persons born in Greece who declared their ancestry to be Macedonian (the 2006 census recorded 2,856 persons).

We would like to thank the many thousands of Macedonians who participated in the census and a special thanks to all those in our community who contributed to this successful campaign by making the leaflets widely available.

We look forward to continuing our cooperation at the next census in 2016!