MHRMI and AMHRC congratulate Nova Zora on its third anniversary

Toronto, Canada and Melbourne, Australia

Nova ZoraMacedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) and the Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) congratulate Nova Zora, the largest pro-Macedonian newspaper in Aegean Macedonia, on its third anniversary. To see a video of the celebration, please visit:

Funded by MHRMI and AMHRC, Nova Zora has distributed hundreds of thousands of newspapers throughout Aegean Macedonia, and has been published every month since its inception, despite constant threats and attempts to wipe it out.

"The editorial board of Nova Zora expresses its gratitude to MHRMI and AMHRC. Without their tremendous help, Nova Zora would not be able to carry on its struggle for equal rights for all Macedonians. MHRMI and AMHRC are truly the only organisations in the Macedonian diaspora that fund human rights projects for Macedonians in the Balkans," said Dimitri Ioannou (Jovanov), editor of Nova Zora.

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