AMHRC calls for responsible citizenship in Macedonia

Melbourne 14/4/2016

The Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) cannot regard as ethical the decision by the President of the Republic of Macedonia to amnesty all politicians before the special prosecution team, charged with investigating corruption, has even completed its investigations.

Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia have rightly begun protesting against the decision in substantial numbers. There have been some manifestations of unnecessary violence from both Macedonian police and protestors. The AMHRC unequivocally condemns all of those involved.

The democratic legitimacy crisis which has gripped Macedonia for more than 12 months now has revealed that both of the major political parties, the governing VMRO-DPMNE and the main opposition SDSM, cannot at present be viewed as servants of democracy. The same applies to DUI a minor party which regularly participates in governing coalitions. Therefore it is no surprise that the current situation in Macedonia is tense and volatile.

The AMHRC calls on responsible citizens to be both vigorously active and circumspect. We hope that their efforts will succeed in developing a new, credible and viable democratic government, which will eventually lead Macedonia out of the current destructive stalemate.