2016 Australian Census | Information for the Macedonian Community

10 May 2016

Australia’s 17th national Census of Population and Housing will be held on Tuesday 9th August 2016. In order to ensure that the Macedonian community in Australia is accurately identified, it is essential that each and every person takes care in the manner in which they answer the questions in Census 2016.

As in previous Census years, the AMHRC in consultation with and the approval of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), has prepared an instructional leaflet and identified the four questions featured in this leaflet to be of particular relevance to the Macedonian Community.

Click the following links to download the leaflet in both ENGLISH and MACEDONIAN:

ENGLISH version (PDF - 657KB)

MACEDONIAN version (PDF - 728KB)

We request that all Macedonian media outlets and organisations reproduce and distribute this leaflet at regular intervals, right up to the census date in August 2016.