AMHRC Summer Review - 2010

In this issue of the AMHRC Review:

  - AMHRC official visit to Canberra

  - Detsa Begaltsi
  - Greece blacklists Macedonians
  - On the difficulties facing Vinozito
  - Mike Rann in focus
  - In review - Michael Seraphinoff
  - AMHRC hosted the Melbourne premiere of a name is a name
  - Every Premier has his price, and some go real cheap
  - Igor Pavlovski of Denes interviews the AMHRC Executive
  - MHRMI and United Macedonians contribute to Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  - Macedonia and Greece: What is the basis for a reconciliation?
  - MHRMI and AMHRC condemn Albanias state-sponsored discrimination against Macedonians
  - The meaning of the term Skopian or Skopjan Could it be regarded as an example of synecdoche?

Download the AMHRC Summer Review here.