Action Alert: United Nations continues to Discriminate against Macedonia and Macedonians

The AMHRC and MHRMI have written to the United Nations demanding that the official language of Macedonia in its official list of member countries be referred to as Macedonian.

15 November 2010

It has come to our attention that the UNTERM entry in all of your official languages for the Republic of Macedonia does not contain a designation for the official language of the country, which is of course Macedonian.

Until recently, the UN indicated that this language is Macedonian. It has also been pointed out to us that this is not the first time that this has occurred. Could you please explain why the language column for Macedonia has been deliberately left blank and who authorised this insulting and discriminatory act?? The official and most widely-spoken language in Macedonia is Macedonian and we demand that its designation as such in the language column of the UNTERM entry for Macedonia be restored immediately.

The AMHRC and MHRMI call on all Macedonians world wide to protest this discriminatory act by the United Nations by writing to UNTERM, the United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database, at the following link: